MagnaFlow Minute: Converter Tubing - What is Converter Tubing and What Does It Do?


 Welcome to this episode of MagnaFlow Minute, where we give you some quick facts on the construction and design of our products and why the MagnaFlow difference matters. Today, we're talking specifically about tubing for our catalytic converters, so let's go ahead and get started.

Because it is highly corrosion resistant against everyday wear and tear, most modern vehicles are equipped with a 16-gauge 409 stainless steel from the factory. MagnaFlow uses the same 16-gauge 409 stainless steel in all of our catalytic converters. Even though surface rust may form, 409 stainless steel is less susceptible to rust through. When you're looking at a product with 409, you'll find that there might be some surface rust as you can see on some of these areas here. However, what you will find is that there's no rust through. This means that the tube remains strong and prevents any air leaks into your exhaust system.

Alternatively, you'll find non-MagnaFlow catalytic converters in the market using aluminized coated mild steel tubing. The biggest drawback with aluminized coated mild steel tubing is that the aluminized coating can wear away over time and even in mild driving. When bare steel is left vulnerable and exposed to the elements you can expect corrosion and ultimately part failure.

The thickness of steel tubing is measured in gauge: the higher the gauge the thinner the wall material. MagnaFlow uses a 16-gauge wall thickness at .065”, but it's common to find an 18-gauge which is measured at .049”. That is a thinner material even though it has a higher gauge number. 18-gauge tubing doesn't have the same strength or rigidity as the thicker wall 16-gauge. The 18-gauge is more susceptible to road conditions which can damage the structural integrity or even change the functionality of the catalytic converter. Tune in to the next MagnaFlow minute for another easy reason why we should be your number one choice for catalytic converters.

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