MagnaFlow Minute: Catalytic Converter Hangers

Why the MagnaFlow Difference Matters


Welcome to this episode of the “MagnaFlow Minute” where we give you some quick facts about the construction or design of our product and why the MagnaFlow Difference matters. Today’s topic is catalytic converter hangers! Since hangers bear the weight of the whole catalytic converter, it’s critical for them to be constructed from highly corrosion resistant material. MagnaFlow uses only 410 Stainless Steel for hangers, minimizing the effects of rust to maintain the strength and integrity of the part.

You’ll find that other converters on the market have hangers constructed of non-coated mild steel. When bare steel is left vulnerable and exposed to the elements, you can expect corrosion and ultimately, part failure of this weight-bearing feature.

Matching the OE size of the catalytic converter hanger is important to ensure proper fitment, performance, and longevity of the surrounding exhaust parts. MagnaFlow uses 3/8” and ½” stainless steel for our hangers, matching the OE sizes of most applications.

Other aftermarket catalytic converters oftentimes come equipped with hangers that are smaller than OE. Unfortunately, the smaller diameter allows for excessive movement and vibration of the hangers, which can create annoying rattles or even potentially lead to premature wear and failure of the isolator.

OE catalytic converters often feature hangers with barbs, a design element MagnaFlow will replicate when the application calls for it. The barbs ensure the hanger is held firmly in place and allows for optimal movement within the insulator.

Alternative converters on the market may use a large hook at the end of their hangers to compensate for the smaller diameter of their construction. If you see this, it is a good indication that the hangers are undersized compared to OE. While the hook may prevent the hanger from completely slipping out after installation, it cannot hold the hanger firmly in place, potentially causing the insulator to wear out and fail.

MagnaFlow takes the steps to match the quality and design of the OE catalytic converter hanger. We use 3D models to maintain consistent tolerance within 5,000th fractions of an inch as we manufacture our hangers with a CNC coil bender. Our goal is to provide the proper fit, every time. 

When it comes to finding the best fitting and most durable replacement catalytic converter, high quality hangers matter.  MagnaFlow’s 410 Stainless Steel, OE sized hangers are what you are looking for.



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