V-Twin Rumble, MagnaFlow Style: A Peek Behind the Curtain with MagnaFlow’s Motorcycle Division

Motorcyclists are a different breed of folks and have very specific ideas on how their bikes should look and sound, especially within the American V-twin community. For fans of the classic American V-twin, there can be no upgrade more important to the riding experience then the exhaust. These enthusiasts simply want more. That means more power, more torque, more style and certainly, more sound quality. This makes engineering exhaust systems for these customers a pretty tricky proposition, but one that is also incredibly rewarding, and why MagnaFlow has decided to take their philosophy of innovation, performance and American-made quality and deliver it to the American V-twin market.

The MagnaFlow line of performance motorcycle exhausts are developed completely in-house by our highly skilled engineers, all of whom are riding enthusiasts themselves. They exactingly scan the factory components using state-of-the-art blue laser scanning technology to ensure that all fixtures match the OEM requirements exactly. They then work painstakingly to develop a system with many innovative features that will increase flow and performance while delivering that well know deep MagnaFlow sound with impressive style. One of the most important engineering attributes of MagnaFlow systems is the use of stainless steel head pipes. Stainless steel reduces heat over the stock mild steel systems to improve rider and passage comfort and maximize the engines performance. All head pipes then receive a Magna-Black coating for added heat retention and to eliminate bluing.

The next major component developed by MagnaFlow is the muffler itself. MagnaFlow uses a combination of technologies to extract maximum power and torque while shaping and improving sound quality. One of the innovations that MagnaFlow employs in this regard is the core that it uses in its motorcycle mufflers. It uses a unique stepped system along with perforated cores, louvered cores or a combination of the two to affect the amount of sound dissipation and attenuation while improving throttle response. Having a design and development facility located next door to the manufacturing facility is extremely handy when it comes to making design improvements.

Speaking of the manufacturing facility, MagnaFlow made the decision to keep its motorcycle product manufacturing in-house alongside its automotive line. This decision represents a huge commitment to the market because the investment in machinery to work with the specific diameter tubing and the tighter bends necessary for precision motorcycle exhaust systems proved to be significant. The upside to this is a more efficient path from design to production and the ability to be incredibly flexible in the types of systems that are produced.

MagnaFlow may be a newcomer to the motorcycle marketplace, but with their continued interest in developing its product lines, it will surely be a major player in years to come.