The World’s Most Vicious ‘65 Mustang: A Twin-Charged Monster from Timeless Kustoms

The 1965 Mustang is a perennial favorite of customizers. It’s an iconic shape that is almost universally loved with huge aftermarket parts availability. The last few years have seen a few crazy ‘65s unveiled such as the Ringbrothers’ Espionage or Ken Block’s Hoonicorn, but this year, MagnaFlow is unveiling a car in its booth that will make every other Mustang look boring by comparison. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for Vicious.

Vicious started life as a run of the mill 1965 Mustang coupe, though once it arrived at Timeless Kustoms in Camarillo, CA it didn’t stay run of the mill for long. Jason Pecikonis and his crew at Timeless wasted no time in lopping off the roof and grafting on a fastback roof from the Mustang sheetmetal masters at Dynacorn. This is where things start to get crazy. The owner of the car wanted a Mustang that was 1/10 street car and 9/10 race car where everything had a purpose and nothing was done just for show. He also wanted the craziest powerplant that money could buy and so he and Jason settled on a twin-charged (read: twin turbo and single-supercharged) Ford Coyote engine. Twin-charging or compound charging is pretty uncommon and was most famously used on the Lancia Delta S4 Group B rally car in the 1980s.

Of course, packaging all of those power adders and their ancillaries into a relatively small engine bay with an incredibly wide engine was no small challenge. Timeless had to massage and adjust every panel on the Mustang’s body to make everything fit and again, hewing to the owner’s request, if a crease or a protrusion is there it’s because it has to be there. As you might imagine, exhaust packaging represents a huge problem in a build like this and as such, Jason brought in MagnaFlow, because nobody has more experience with custom builds like this. Pecikonis and the MagnaFlow engineers worked closely together to design as system that would not only fit the tight constraints of the body but also look great and sound amazing. The results are stunning.

Other highlights of Vicious include an EMCO paddle shift gearbox, carbon ceramic brakes, Art Morrison C7 Corvette front and rear suspension clips, Magnuson supercharger, Precision Turbos, Centerforce clutch, Brembo brakes and more. If you’ll be at SEMA, make sure you’re at the MagnaFlow booth at 1:00pm on Tuesday November 1st to see Vicious’ unveiling!