How One Of The Earliest Automotive E-Commerce Platforms Continues to Thrive

Truck owners have no shortage of options when it comes to buying performance parts and accessories for their rigs, but those in the know choose to buy from the enthusiasts at RealTruck was founded in a basement in Spokane, Washington way back in 1998, making them one of the very first automotive e-commerce websites to specialize in vehicle accessories. Today, they are based in North Dakota and have grown to employ hundreds of people in several locations across America.

Being early adopters of e-commerce paid off in spades for RealTruck and now it serves as one of the largest online portals for domestic and import truck parts. Specifically, the most popular platforms for RealTruck include the late-model Hemi Ram 1500 truck, Vortec 5.3-powered GM platforms and the 3.5L EcoBoost Ford F-150. One area in which RealTruck is making a concentrated push is into the new 2017 Ford Raptor market, as evidenced on's popular YouTube channel where they’re building a killer example of just what an owner can do with only bolt-on parts. specializes in accessories but they keep an eye on performance as well. Through strategic partnerships with brands like Magnaflow, it is able to serve its customer’s need for more power and torque. Currently, RealTruck is in serious growth mode for its performance section and is pushing the segment with lots of detailed install videos and photoshoots, performance truck builds and more.

As a staunchly American company, makes an effort to work with American companies who make and sell their wares domestically. This is another reason why a partnership with a company like Magnaflow makes a great deal of sense, as Magnaflow continues to manufacture its products in the US.

It will be exciting to see how continues to grow and nurture the expansion of the truck aftermarket and to see how its considerable efforts affect the public’s perception of new platforms like the 2017 Raptor. We’ll keep our eyes on them and look forward to seeing them continue to grow and thrive.