Nikki Frost: Mustang Maven on the Dragstrip

The automotive hobby and racing in particular is often viewed by the outside public as being something of a boy’s club. While its true that women represent a smaller slice of the pie, there are more and more young women getting into the hobby and the industry every day. There are some truly incredible women racers on the scene right now and one of the most exciting relative newcomers to drag racing right now is Nikki Frost.

Nikki Frost has always been into cars. She grew up in a household that loved cars and regularly visited car shows. She also has always harbored a deep love of going fast and that has, at times, gotten her into trouble. She got her first speeding ticket at the age of 16 in a Ford Escort and hasn’t really looked back since. After a brief and admittedly ill-advised dalliance with street racing, Nikki found the resources and time to go legit. Her passion for racing really bloomed when she met her husband and since then, she’s gone at racing with a level of tenacity and enthusiasm that is not often seen.

Nikki’s path to the NMRA began in 2012 when Ford saw fit to reinstate the 5.0 badge on their popular SN197 Mustang. Nikki had always loved the 5.0 as a concept and once she heard and felt the power of Ford’s new Coyote V8, she knew she had to have one. She bought her 2013 model year Mustang GT with a manual transmission in her favorite shade of “Gotta Have It Green” and soon after, her husband bought his own GT in gray. Before the ink had even dried on the purchasing contract, Nikki had her Mustang at the drag strip to see what it would do. She was impressed with the power but knew it needed more.

Enter the folks at Vortech. They called up Nikki and her husband and offered to use her car to design a supercharger kit for the new Coyote and to feature it at SEMA. Nikki made the long trip from the East coast all the way to California and that was the beginning of her deepening involvement in the automotive industry. After SEMA, she got her car back and began the process of fulfilling her car show obligation of visiting 12 shows a year, which on the East coast means a very busy spring and summer.

When things calmed down, she got more serious about drag racing and began to hone her skills at the track. She found out quickly that her manual transmission-equipped car was not ideal - despite placing as a runner-up at her first sanctioned drag race with the NMRA - and convinced her husband to turn his car into a dedicated drag car with a stripped interior, built to class rules. She’s been hard at work, improving her reaction times and ETs and next year plans to start racing in a head to head class within her NMRA sanctioning body.

“It’s so incredible to be living out my dream right now. I’ve always loved cars and racing and getting to do it on a regular basis with support from amazing companies like MagnaFlow has been so wonderful,” said Frost.

Nikki is an incredible example to everyone looking to get into racing, proving that you don’t have to have millions of dollars in the bank to get out and drive. You just need dedication, hard work, and the right attitude and you too can be living your own dream one quarter mile at a time!