MagnaFlow provides insight on recent EPA action and details cooperation with the agency to ensure MagnaFlow continues its commitment to emissions-legal products.

Oceanside, Calif. (March, 2019) – Late last year, MagnaFlow and the EPA entered into a settlement agreement related to the sale of "Custom Builder Exhaust Kits" marketed for use on diesel trucks for model years 2001-2007. MagnaFlow's intent was to market a pre-bent tubing "kit" to facilitate the use of any manufacturer's component parts with MagnaFlow pre-bent tubing. The "kits" were designed to cover multiple application years and varying truck bed lengths. The EPA alleged that these products "enabled the removal of diesel oxidation catalysts".


MagnaFlow maintained, and continues to maintain, that the intended purpose of these products was lawful and that only a misuse and/or misapplication of these products would result in the removal of critical exhaust and emission components. However, to avoid costly and lengthy litigation with the EPA, MagnaFlow voluntarily modified its application data for the "Custom Builder Exhaust Kits" in question as to avoid potential misuse and entered into a settlement agreement.



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