Magnaflow’s Top Recommended Mods for your 2017 Camaro: Sharpening the edge of GM’s newest pony car

The refreshed 2017 Camaro represents a huge upgrade over the Gen V Camaros both in terms of style and in performance. The Gen VI Camaro is one of GM’s most competent chassis ever and should prove to be a real world-beater on road and at the track. That said, no car leaves the factory perfect so we have a few recommendations on things that could be improved to make yours a truly bitchin’ Camaro.

MF Competition Exhaust:
Everyone knows by now that the LT1 is an incredible engine platform and right out of the box it makes great power and a good sound. Magnaflow, however, are never ones to leave things at good so we’ve created our competition series stainless steel performance exhaust system (Part Number 19265). This system really lets the 6.2 liter breathe in ways that the factory system never could and the sound that comes out of it is truly incredible. It’s not the loudest system on the market but MF has always been a firm believer in quality over quantity.

Hellwig Sway Bars:
Hellwig Products has been cranking out quality suspension components for over 70 years and during that time, they’ve remained a staunchly Californian company. They produce their products in their Visalia, CA factory to an exacting standard of quality. We love their sway bars for the 6th generation Camaro because they are a perfect fit which makes installation relatively quick and easy and they really help to control the body of the car during performance driving. You’d really struggle to find a set of sway bars better than these.

Michelin PS4S:
The Michelin Man has done it again. They’ve managed to create an almost perfect summer tire with the Pilot Sport 4 S, the direct replacement for the legendary Pilot Super Sport tire that was everyone’s favorite tire. This time they’ve managed to squeeze an additional 9% increase in tread life out of the PSS’ already impressive figures. The PS4S utilizes multiple compounds to maximize utility in the dry and the wet and somehow they’ve also managed to coax even more lateral grip out of these tires than with the PSS. These are hands down the best summer performance tires you can slap on your Camaro, they’re almost guaranteed to make Mustang owners cry.

Red Line Fluids:
Fluids are quite literally the lifeblood of your automobile. Whether its your engine oil or your transmission oil or the oil in your rear end, they are all vital to maintaining the life and performance of your vehicle. While the factory lubricants and chemicals that GM puts in the Camaro at the factory aren’t exactly bad, you can do much better. Red Line Oil makes the best lubricants on the market, hands-down. Their oils are true Group 4 synthetics, which makes them more thermally stable and capable of dealing with the punishment that you’re sure to heap on them. They will make your engine run sweeter, your transmission shift better and their Water Wetter will extend the life of your water pump and keep your ride cooler. This should be one of the first things you do once you’re out of break-in.

MGW Short Shifter:
MGW makes some of the best shifters that money can buy for Camaros. While they don’t yet have their 6th gen applications out yet, look for them in the next month or two. If they’re half as good as their 5th gen shifters, this will be some of the best money you can spend on your manual transmission-equipped Camaro. Not only will the shift throw be shorter, it will feel crisper and be more accurate leading to fewer missed shifts.

LED Upgrades from Diode Dynamics:
LED lights are awesome. Not only do they last pretty much forever, they’re bright and they go a long way to make your car incredibly visible. One area where LEDs really shine (we know, bad pun) is in fog lamp applications. The way their beam pattern works is perfect for flooding an area close-in with a ton of light. Diode Dynamics make some of the best LED lighting setups in the biz. You can even get crazy colored LEDs for the interior and exterior of your Camaro that will help make your ride your own.

K&N Intake:
When it comes to K&N, if you haven’t already heard then you’re kind of living under a rock. These guys have been making some of the best filters in the industry for decades and they also make some fairly spectacular intake kits that work to smooth and accelerate incoming air. These kits make real power and they definitely increase the intake “honk” that everyone is trying to hear. Their kit for the 2017 Camaro SS is part number 63-3092 and should be considered a must-have for anyone trying to get a little more jam out of their Camaro.

Seibon Carbon Splitter/Spoiler:
Seibon is a well known purveyor of affordably priced and well-made carbon fiber body bits. They’re working on a few bits for the 2017 Camaro like a splitter and a spoiler. These pieces should make your Camaro look super mean and will likely give you a little bit of downforce on the race track as well. All in all, a good mod.

Eibach Lowering Springs:
If you go to the internet to find out just how low a car should be, the answer you’re going to get will almost invariably be, “Needs More Low,” and thankfully Eibach is around to help you meet this challenge. Eibach’s lowering springs are among the most respected in the industry for a reason: they are well engineered, well-built and make your car look and handle great. Installation for these is going to be super easy and it will make a drastic difference in how your whip looks.

Vitesse Throttle Controller:
Factory throttle pedal settings on modern car aren’t always calibrated with performance driving in mind. When engineers are setting the throttle response levels at the pedal, they are trying to make the car smooth and easy for Joe Shmoe off the street who might not be used to 400+ ‘Merican horsepower but that’s not you, now is it? The Vitesse Throttle Controller is a super easy modification to install that will allow you to tailor your throttle response to your driving style and help you to drive at your very best. Their controller takes minutes to install and can transform the feel of your Camaro.