Horsepower On The Rocks: A Look at Dom Toretto’s Ice Charger from Fate of the Furious

If you’re a gearhead, there are few film franchises that stand out as much as the Fast and the Furious series. Now, with its 8th film released, we’re able to talk a bit about Magnaflow’s involvement in the “The Fate of the Furious” as well as its involvement in previous Fast and the Furious films.

One of the most notable cars that have been revealed to the public thus far has been Dom’s “Ice Charger” which is used in the movie’s explosive final action sequence. This car is one of the wildest vehicles to come out of the franchise and to be built by Dennis McCarthy and his team at Vehicle Effects Inc. The Ice Charger is based on a 1968 Dodge Charger but in place of its old live axle, rear wheel drive setup there is now a full all-wheel drive system in place. This car is also unique because it features a custom side exit exhaust which in theory should prevent the car from hydroplaning due to melted ice from an undercar-mounted exhaust system.

The Ice Charger - and indeed most of the cars in the film - make use of GM’s legendary LS-series V8. The LS is a proven platform with which Magnaflow is incredibly familiar, allowing its engineers to custom tailor exhaust systems for movie cars that can be as quiet as necessary - for example, when the production team needs to get tire sounds or other background sound that a loud engine would quickly drown out - or really let loose with the true sound of performance when appropriate, all while making great power. Other advantages to using the LS platform include its extremely compact nature allowing it to fit much more easily into vehicle into which it was never intended to go. It’s also extremely lightweight and thus very power dense.

While the giant turbine engine sitting in the trunk of the Ice Charger is just movie magic, the car itself is a serious piece of performance hardware and thanks to its extremely wide body and aircraft-esque styling cues, it will definitely go down in history as one of the coolest cars in an entire franchise of cool cars.

We’re as excited as everyone else to see how the Fast and the Furious series develops and changes and while it will be sad to not see our friend Paul Walker on the screen in Fate of the Furious, we’re pretty sure he’d approve of the cars being used this time around.