Bill Goldberg: Mayor of Muscleville and the Ultimate Mopar Enthusiast

Spring Festival Prep with Bill’s Demon and Redeye: If you’re a Mopar enthusiast, you more than likely know Bill Goldberg, also known as the Mayor of Muscleville. Bill is the textbook definition of a diehard Mopar fan, and he’s got the garage to prove it. In preparation for Spring Festival of LX he brought a couple of his cars to the MagnaFlow Tech Center to dial in the exhaust setups before the event which is exclusively LX, LC and LD vehicles.

Bill showed up to the tech center in his F8 Green Dodge Demon, which was being swapped out with his new Dodge Redeye that we had in the shop for some upgrades. Remember when we said he has the garage to back up his Mopar fandom? Swapping out one of his modern, high horsepower Mopar’s for another is just a glimpse into Goldberg’s Mopar-filled garage. The Redeye, which features a 6.2L Supercharged High-Output HEMI V8 engine and produces 797 horsepower, is Dodge’s latest offering in its ever-evolving lineup of SRT Hellcat vehicles. And in his usual fashion, Bill had to do a few upgrades to the already capable vehicle.

While visiting the MagnaFlow Test Center, the Demon and Redeye received similar treatments, which at this point we should call the “Goldberg Special” or something to that effect. Before we dive into the specific scope of the work done, it’s worth noting that both vehicles are dedicated track cars. As such, they each received 2” primary headers and our Competition Series cat-back. To round out the exhaust modifications on these two Mopar vehicles, we outfitted them each with 3D-printed exhaust tips. These 3D tips are a product we have been testing over the last few months and hope to add to our catalog of exhaust components soon. While we had the Demon up on the lift, Bill had us equip it with a proper drag setup, Weld wheels “skinnies” in the front and slicks in the rear. For this finishing touches on the Redeye, it received a custom set of HRE wheels with Nitto NTO1 sticky tires. With the new exhaust and wheel setups, these modern Mopars were ready to hit the drag strip at Spring Fest.

The Car that Started it All: One of the first cars we had the pleasure of working on with Bill was his 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat, which at the time was relatively new to the market. Like some of his more recent cars, the Hellcat received a full exhaust system from the block back and allowed us to test out new technology before we brought it to market. For this vehicle, we fabricated custom 2” primary headers and paired it with a MagnaFlow Competition Series, quad exit cat-back. From the beginning of this project, MagnaFlow’s, Rich Waitas worked with Bill to curate his objectives for the vehicle and ultimately debuted it in the MagnaFlow booth at the 2018 SEMA Show. To complete the Bill’s vision for the vehicle we outfitted it with the newly introduced KW Variant 4 Coilovers to keep this heavy beast balanced in the corners, Nitto NT01 R compound tires for max grip and Baer 6-piston 15” cross drilled and slotted rotors all around to slow down the newly found 1000 horsepower.

With several widebody Hellcat variants around the garage, Bill was starting to feel like his ’16 Challenger Hellcat was looking a little too slim and decided it was time for a change. For those you that don’t know Bill, he has a very refined taste when it comes to cars and likes what we would consider to be an “OEM Plus” styling. With that in mind, he sent the car to SpeedKore Performance Group in Grafton, Wisconsin to execute his vision. There the vehicle was fitted with their pre-preg carbon fiber parts to transform the vehicle into a widebody Hellcat the way Dodge envisioned it, minus a few pounds thanks to the carbon fiber. With the body transformed, the vehicle was sent to Gearhead Fabrication to be outfitted with their Stage 3 package, which promises 900+ horsepower. To properly debut the vehicle, Bill took delivery of the new vehicle at Hoonigan’s Burnyard and was of course “scumbagged” into some fun by the Hoonigan crew. For more info on this car, check out the full video here:

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