Keeping the Mustang faithful shopping in the 21st century

There was a time not all that long ago when buying parts for your Mustang involved thumbing through paper catalogs, poring over microfiche, or hoping that the guy behind the counter at your friendly local speed shop knew what he was talking about. With the advent of the internet, particularly in the last few years, shopping for speed parts has gotten much easier. One company that’s been on the cutting edge of this new way of doing business are the Mustang fanatics at began as the brainchild of two brothers, Andrew and Steve Voudouris, in Pennsylvania who, while in high school, decided to fully embrace the still somewhat nascent world of e-commerce. Their first business sold computer parts, followed by several other websites that experienced varying degrees of success. In 2004 they decided to see if they could turn their love of Ford Mustangs into a business and after some time, they managed to strike gold with Soon after, they sold their other businesses to focus on exclusively. The way in which AmericanMuscle sets itself apart from the many other online speed parts retailers is by having an incredibly simple, yet still content rich website that tries to closely mimic the kind of buying experience one might have in person. They accomplish this by having tons of photos, shot in-house, of each of the products they sell, detailed product descriptions and fitment/application data, and in many cases they also have high-quality videos that allow potential customers to really get a feel for exhaust sounds etc.

The Mustang community has grown significantly and the age and background of its constituents has changed as well. This is one of the main reasons that has been so successful. Being a company with many younger people has proven highly advantageous and allowed them to keep pace with a rapidly changing market. They also have chosen to partner with companies like MagnaFlow and industry celebrities such as Vaughn Gittin Jr and Chip Foose in an effort to reach new younger customers. “We place a big emphasis on customer outreach – doing things that our customers will appreciate, because we appreciate them. That’s one of the reasons that our partnership with Magnaflow is so great; they feel the same way as we do. It’s a recipe for success when one of your most valuable partners and best brands understands and agrees with your own priorities,” said Dan Frank, Category Manager for has been based in Pennsylvania since the Voudouris brothers started the company in their parent’s garage, but understandably they have had to move a few times to accommodate AmericanMuscle’s rapid growth. Their current facility in Malvern was originally supposed to be a combination warehouse and office space, but the focus on sales and customer service quickly pushed the warehouse to a different building as they began to staff up. Now with their dedicated warehouse space, is able to keep nearly everything they sell in stock so most of their orders are able to be shipped in less than 24 hours.

In the rapidly changing automotive aftermarket, it’s increasingly important to work with companies like that care about their relationships with both their customers and their suppliers. is poised to continue to grow rapidly and expand into other markets in the future. Keep your eye on them and if you need something for your Mustang, no matter which generation, check out their website.