MagnaFlow announces its new filter-back exhausts for Powerstroke 2017 F-250 and F-350 Super Duty trucks.


Oceanside, Calif. (September, 2016) – MagnaFlow has a reputation as being one of the finest exhaust manufacturers in the world and they’ve earned that reputation by adhering to strict quality standards and by employing creative engineers that design systems that make power and sound great. This tradition is being continued with MagnaFlow’s new systems for 2017 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty diesel trucks. These new filter-back systems will let that immense 6.7 liter turbo diesel breathe more efficiently and sound amazing.

The one area in which the 6.7 is underwhelming is certainly in the sound department. Ford had to engineer the exhaust system to be as quiet as possible to meet regulations and as such, they left some power on the table and a whole lot of room for improvement in the sound department. This is where MagnaFlow is only too happy to help.

The new DPF-back exhaust systems from MagnaFlow feature a high quality 3 bolt flange, 4-inch tubing and a 5-inch tip. The systems are available in either a polished finish or a black finish. Buyers also have the choice between stainless steel construction or, for the more cost-conscious consumer, an aluminized steel version is available as well. Black DPF systems in stainless come with a 1-year warranty on the black finish and a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. Pro DPF systems in stainless feature a limited lifetime warranty. All Pro DPF systems feature a 1-year warranty against defects.

These systems are fully 50 state emissions compliant. Additionally, all MagnaFlow exhaust systems come with all the necessary hardware and components for a complete, bolt-on installation. MagnaFlow products are proudly made in the USA. For more information, visit to find a dealer near you.


About Us: MagnaFlow got its start as a natural extension of Car Sound Exhaust systems. Our parent company specializes in superior catalytic converter technology and has spent the last 30 years earning its reputation as a market leader around the world. We’re proud to continue this tradition through producing the best sounding, best performing and most durable exhaust components in the world. If you’re looking for quality, power and sound, then you’re looking for MagnaFlow: Visit us on Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus